Terms & Conditions


By reading these terms & conditions and making use of this website (www.engineersjobboard.be) , you agree to accept the terms & conditions applicable to this website. In case of disagreement you are not entitled to use this website for personal or commercial purposes.
Engineers Jobboard aims to connect engineers and employers. All the information which can be found on this website is property of Engineers Jobboard. You are allowed to use this website if your intentions are for lawful purposes.
You are not allowed to :

-Post information that could cause harm to third parties and that can breach personal information, copyright, or trademarks .
-Submitting information that is incomplete , misleading or offensive
-Submitting information that harms the functioning of the website such as viruses
-Use information and distribute / resell for commercial purposes or to give license to third parties

2. Candidates & Employers
By using the website, candidates and employers give permission to disclose their personal information. Engineers Jobboard prevents itself to adapt resumes, vacancies or advertising material and is not responsible for its content. Engineers Jobboard does have the right to prevent information on the website if that is misleading, offensive or with the intent to harm others.
All information that can be found on Engineers Jobboard is owned by us and should not be distribtued to third parties. These conditions are in accordance with Belgian law.
Engineers Jobboard is not liable for suffered damage in relation to the day to day business operations, excluding in the case of fraud. This includes all liability in relation to any information provided by both advertisers, recruiters and candidates. Engineers Jobboard is committed to ensure that the website is functioning properly, but we can’t guarantee that the website is always operational, for example during updates or new migration of CVs. No aspect in these Terms & Conditions shall seek to limit liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence by Engineers Jobboard.
Engineers Jobboard is not responsible in the ongoing recruitment process for the engineers hired or offered jobs. It operates only as an intermediary between candidates and employers. Engineers Jobboard excludes any liability regarding information relates to advertisers, recruiters and candidates.

At all time Engineers Jobboard has the right to refuse access to the website in case of illegal actions or intentions with the intent to cause harm . We are not obliged the responsible about informing the denied access .
The commencement of services enters into force when both parties in writing signed the order form. This may be done by email , fax or mail .

3. Prices
All prices on the website are exclusive of VAT  ( 21%). A job posted on Engineers Jobboard will remain live for 60 days or such shorter time as we agree with the customer. Any extension of this time will be charged to the customer as a new job posting. Any jobs posted in addition to the agreed number of jobs per month will be charged at a price per job agreed with the customer at the time of the contract negotiation. If a customer deletes a job it’s considered as closed and  reposting it will be considered as a new job posting.

All invoices are payable via Direct Debit within 14 days from invoice date. Late payment will entitle us to suspend provision of services. Interest will be payable on late payments at the rate of 8% above base rate from time to time.

5. Discontinuation
All contracts have a fixed term course and can’t be terminated before the expiration of the term exclusively when the customer acts contrary to the terms or is bankrupt .

6. Reimbursement
All payments are final and not reversible.